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Individualize your ride with amazing wheels and rims from some of the best aftermarket companies in the world. You can always count on L & F Tire & Wheel for a full range of choices when it comes to wheels and rims. Stop by our showroom today and see the selection for yourself.

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For years, L & F Tire & Wheel has been establishing itself as Wildomar's wheel and rim resource. We have the connections and relationships to help find custom rims for your ride.

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Work with our helpful staff to find the material, style, and weight for the wheels and rims of your dreams. Let us walk you through all our options.

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Choosing the wrong rims can affect the car's performance, but with the help of our wheel and rim experts we can help you eliminate that problem. Our technicians are always on the cutting edge of wheel styles, configurations, and tire performance so you can be sure you'll get good advice. So, when you're in need of a new set of wheels or tires, we are the ones you should contact.

We have listed out few steps to make buying wheels easy.

1. If you're looking to keep the weight down:

Choose rims that are not too heavy. If you have a small car, big steel rims will decrease handling ability. Your car's suspension will not support heavy wheels. It will not help in improving balance in driving maneuvers, nor will it make your ride smooth.


2. If you're looking to improve performance and add a sportier look to your vehicle:

You can go in for plus-sizing your rims. You will find that your steering is more responsive and your car holds the road better when you use a larger inner diameter. Keep in mind that buying larger rims means buying new tires as well.


3. Purchasing alloy wheels?

You should know that alloy wheels are good if you do a lot of mountain driving or you drive in stop-and-go traffic. Alloy wheels prevent overheating by allowing cool air flow over the brakes but sometimes they can also dissipate heat too.